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Historical Interest

Okazaki 1911 This is a picture of Okazaki as a white belt at a group photo of the Shinyu Kai Dojo in Hilo, 1911. He is standing at the far right in the third row. His teacher, Kichimatsu Tanaka, is seated in the second row, 3rd from the left. The assistant sensei is Sasae, seated also in the second row, 2nd from the left.
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Okazaki 1922 Okazaki receives his Black Belt in 1922. Seated next to him is Sasae sensei, the assistant instructor of the Shinyu Kai.
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Senior Students This is a group photo of Master Okazaki's senior Black Belts. Standing from left to right are Charlie Wagner, Unknown, Dick Rickerts ('Dean' of the Black Belts), Master Okazaki, Emil Muggy, and Curley Freedman. May 5, 1938.
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Estes Black Belt This group shot includes Master Okazaki(seated), with Dick Rickerts, Burl Estes, and Bud Estes, March 9, 1939. Prof. Estes has received his Black Belt, and his brother Burl is wearing an honorary Black Belt.
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Orland Judo Academy 1960 Gene Edwards, Wes Dixon, Lucille Estes, Prof., Bud Estes, Prof. 
Taken in the Orland Judo Academy in 1960, less than one year after  Prof. Edwards received his Shodan.
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Estes and Edwards Prof. Estes and Prof. Edwards in the late 1970's. 
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Prof. and Hachiro Prof. Edwards interviewing Hachiro Okazaki for biographical information on Seishiro Okazaki -- 1978. 
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Hiro Imamura Hiro Kishimoto Imamura, Prof. Edwards, Eri (Hiro's wife). 
Hiro has mastered several styles of Karate, and was the All Japan National Karate Champion in the 1970's. He provided valuable assistance to the CJA Kempo Program. 
(28.2 KB)
Torture sticks Prof. Edwards demonstrating a Chinese Torture Stick technique from Kiai No Maki. 
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Birthday 1995 Prof. Edwards and Lora on her birthday in 1995. 
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Historical Dojo Pictures
Orlando members at convention Some of the Orland Judo Academy members and guests who attended a national convention in 1963
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Columban College JuJitsu Class Class Group Photo of the Columban College JuJitsu Class in the Philippines in 1968. Notice the absence of mats. We took all falls on the hard wood floor!
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Calistoga JuJitsu Institute 73 Calistoga JuJitsu Institute in 1973
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Calistoga JuJitsu Institute 80 Calistoga JuJitsu Institute in 1980. Photo taken following a JuJitsu contest in Redding, Calif. Each of the people in the picture had just won a placement in the contest. While there were about 50 students in our class at that time, this picture represents just those who entered, all of whom won a placement at the contest.
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Shin Mei Kan in CA Class at the Shin Mei Kan in California, 1989.
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Shin Mei Kan in MT Shin Mei Kan in Montana, 1997.
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