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CJA Black Belt Seminar 2004 --- Loma Linda, CA
After Dinner (L to R) Curtis, Chris, Leon Stern (Honored Guest), Todd and Prof.
(133 KB)
BOD Meeting (L to R) David, Todd, Prof., Lora, Marcos, Denise
(126 KB)
Gals at Disneyland Some of the gals pose at Disneyland: (L to R) Lora, Denise, Kriss, Sierra
(127 KB)
Group Shot CJA BB Seminar Participants
(126 KB)
Massage after workout Massage after the workout (L to R) Chris, Curtis, Denise and David
(104 KB)
Part of the gang at Disneyland Part of our gang at Disneyland (1-26-04)
(202 KB)
Saturday Night Dinner Saturday night dinner at Thai restaurant (L to R) (Front) David, Curtis, (Back) Lora, Todd, Denise, Chris, Debborah
(120 KB)
Sekkotsu Practical App. Class Sekkotsu Practical App. Class: Todd sets & immobilizes Denise's arm
(101 KB)
Shinrai Class Shinrai Class - Todd & Curtis
(89 KB)
CJA Black Belt Seminar 2003 --- Loma Linda, CA
Before Class Ready for Class?
(106 KB)
Dinner or Dance? Ready for Dinner or Dancing?
(168 KB)
Families at Disneyland Families at Disneyland
(112 KB)
More Fun at Disneyland More Fun at Disneyland
(74 KB)
Fuzeball on the mat Fuzeball Anyone?
(100 KB)
Group Mat Shot Group Shot on Mat
(135 KB)
Kid's Class Kid's Class
(135 KB)
Mat Work Mat Work
(79 KB)
Mongo Like Splints Mongo in Splints
(64 KB)
More Bandaging More Bandaging
(48 KB)
More Mat Work More Mat Work
(50 KB)
Posing with Walt & Mickey Posing with Walt and Mickey
(88 KB)
CJA Summer Camp 2002 --- Kalispell, MT
Camp Prep 1 Pre-camp Prep - Moving the Chicken House??? L-R: Darin, Franklyn, and Andrea
(64 KB)
Camp Prep 2 Pre-camp work crew poses.  L-R: Prof., Lora, Franklyn, Ed, Gabe. Darin, and Josh
(60 KB)
Yum! The "studs" chow down.  L-R: Jon, Ed, and Cory.
(61 KB)
Football! The "Tristanator" plays catch with mom (Denise).
(37 KB)
Mowing Josh "mows 'em down" prior to camp!
(41 KB)
Greeting Walther, Terry, and Prof. in "high level" discussion.
(46 KB)
Judo Action Gabe and Josh grapple in Judo Contest with the referee watching carefully.
(65 KB)
Judo Winners Our Judo Contest Champions!  Congratulations on a great contest!
(71 KB)
Kapo A "lighter" moment in Lora's Kapo class. L-R: Denise, Tim, Lora, and Ed.
(63 KB)
Kids Denise gathers all the children for a marshmallow roast at the campfire.
(66 KB)
Massage Marcos demonstrates on Cory as he teaches the Okazaki LLM class.
(51 KB)
Pugil Sticks Josh and Gabe battle in the Pugil Stick class.
(60 KB)
Stealth Dan and Marcos prepare to start the Stealth Exercise.
(66 KB)
Tanju Lora teaches the Tanju class.
(42 KB)
Tents David teaches Advanced Yawara on Mat #2, with Trav and Tim.
(58 KB)
Serving The CJA honors our military, law enforcement, fire, and EMT personnel at the fireworks ceremony!  L-R: Marcos, Cory, Jon, and Tim. Joe Lentz, USAF, was on active duty in Saudi Arabia, and Ed Cope, USAR, was also otherwise detained.
(39 KB)
Tra Le Gael Professional Celtic entertainment group: Tra Le Gael
(59 KB)
Tra Le Gael Tra Le Gael on stage by our campfire.
(58 KB)
Waiting for Fireworks Part of the group enjoying the fireworks!
(42 KB)
Walther von Krenner Walther von Krenner, Hachidan and Aikido Master and his assistant Terry Schroeder
(69 KB)
Walther Action Honored Guest Instructors Walther & Terry demonstrate.
(65 KB)
Walther Class Participants in one of O'Sensei von Krenner's classes pose.
(69 KB)
Waterguns Dan gets wet and "wild" in a water pistol encounter!
(34 KB)
CJA Black Belt Seminar 2002 --- Loma Linda, CA
Group shot CJA BB Seminar Participants
(64 KB)
Sannin Hazushi Brian practices Sannin Hazushi
(63 KB)
Kempo Form Brian Turley works on Kempo form
(74 KB)
Death Pinch Dan Baca teaches nephew Kegan the "Death Pinch"
(53 KB)
Just Relaxing Cory, Tristan, and Todd relax after the seminar
(58 KB)
Saturday Dinner Prof. visits with guests after Sat. dinner
(53 KB)
Kempo Match Prof. referees Kempo match at Seminar
(60 KB)
Prepping for Match Lora and Denise prepare for their Kempo match
(70 KB)
Disney Group Black Belts and families invade Disneyland
(87 KB)
Matterhorn Marcos and Daniele coming down the "Matterhorn"
(61 KB)
CJA Summer Camp 2001 --- Kalispell, MT
Group shot CJA Kata Contest: Darin Nichols and Dan Adair compete in the Green Belt Division while Black Belt Judges look on.
(35 KB)
Group shot A camp picture with the Imamura family.
(39 KB)
Group shot Hiro-san demonstrating a point with Marcos Baca.
(40 KB)
Group shot Curtis Rehling, Jason Arujo, and Alan Camacho enjoy the hot tub!
(32 KB)
Group shot Bear Clan Warrior Society White Mountain Apache induction ceremony.
(54 KB)
Group shot Hiro-san demonstrates a Kata.
(48 KB)
Camp Range Chris Andrews oversees weapon safety and marksmanship class.
(39 KB)
Knife Throw Skip supervises Hiro's father as he demonstrates throwing.
(39 KB)
Dinner Time! Time to feed the animals!
(38 KB)
CJA Black Belt Seminar 2001 --- Loma Linda, CA
Group shot A group picture of the Black Belts
(19 KB)
Sword Art Prof teaching a sword art
(12 KB)
Skip Chief Skip (Grey Wolf) wearing new headress presented to him as the War Chief.
(16 KB)
Disneyland Taking a break at Disneyland!
(48 KB)
USMA Camp & Hall of Fame 2000 --- Little Rock, AR
Airport Lora at the Little Rock airport at 10 pm
(62 KB)
Room The gang kicks back
(112 KB)
Aikido One of the Aikido classes.
(74 KB)
Aikido Another Aikido moment.
(61 KB)
Karate Master Fusei Kise from Okinawa, 10th degree in 3 Karate systems, teaches.
(67 KB)
Karate2 Master Kise teaches. If you look closely you can spot Chris and David in the class.
(90 KB)
Bo Maser Kise demostrates a Bo technique.
(69 KB)
Judo O’Sensei Phil Porter, 78 years young, teaches Judo.
(77 KB)
Lora Lora works out in one of the JuJitsu classes.
(69 KB)
Redman Suit Police Class with "Red Man" suit.
(39 KB)
von Krenner Prof. poses with Walther von Krenner, recognized as "American Aikido Grandmaster of the Year".
(62 KB)
Marty Cale Prof. with Prof. Marty Cale, coordinator of the conference, and recognized as "Master Instructor of the Year"
(71 KB)
Phil Porter Prof. stands with O’Sensei Phil Porter, President of the USMA.
(75 KB)
Dinner Our gang out for a dinner of "fish & chips".
(88 KB)
Dave in Bed Wake up David!
(57 KB)
Chris in Bed Wake up Chris!
(73 KB)
Promotion Chris and David pass their Tai Chi exams. Chris is promoted to White Sash, and David is elevated to Saffron Sash.
(89 KB)
Program The Hall of Fame program.
(35 KB)
CJA Group We prepare to attend the HOF Banquet and Ceremony. Prof. receives the "Golden Life Award"; David is reconized as a "Master"; and Lora is honored as "Instructor" - all being inducted into the Hall of Fame.
(73 KB)
Clinton Shrine Lora stands before a huge "shrine" to President Clinton that is set up in the Excelsior Hotel.
(90 KB)
State House The gang in front of the old Arkansas State House, built in 1836.
(120 KB)
Cannon Lora stands by the cannon in front of the old State House. What is she thinking here?
(82 KB)
2000 Regional Mini-Camp --- Kalispell, MT
MT Mini-Camp Group Shot
(12 KB)
MT Mini-Camp2 3 attendees
(13 KB)
2000 Regional Mini-Camp --- Angwin, CA
PJI Mini-Camp Group Shot
(58 KB)
PJI Mini-Camp Haley applies a "bear claw" choke after throwing Jeremy Hon Tomoe
(42 KB)
PJI Mini-Camp Tony throws Jason a left handed Harai Goshi
(39 KB)
1999 CJA Summer Camp -- Kalispell, MT
Group Group shot of most of the campers.
(56 KB)
Logo 1999 camp Logo. This year's theme -- VALOR.
(159 KB)
Working on gongs Lora and Dan working on the camp gongs.
(60.9 KB)
Working on deck Jesse and Chelle replacing rotted deck planks.
(64.4 KB)
Dan on tractor Dan B. on the tractor moving the showers into position.
(60 KB)
Working on roof Prof installs the roof over the deck.
(44 KB)
Setting up tarp A gang sets up the shade/rain tarp over mat #1.
(73.2 KB)
Haley promoted Haley Trimmer is awarded her CJA Shodan.
(55.6 KB)
Singing at the campfire Kieth Hammer, naturalist, song writer, and entertainer performs at the campfire.
(54 KB)
Indonesian mat combos Bob Reish teaches Indonesian mat combinations.
(67.9 KB)
Kombo class Dan and his brother Mike in Todd's Kombo class.
(60.9 KB)
Blowguns Blowgun Class.
(50 KB)
Kick Defense class Kick Defense Class.
(46 KB)
Pugil Sticks Skip teaches Bo applications with Pugil Sticks.
(39 KB)
Warrior Spirit class Skip lectures on the "Warrior Spirit".
(69.4 KB)
Muy Thai Bob Reish teaches Muy Thai.
(74 KB)
Bo class Dan B. teaches Bo No Maki plus Bo sparring.
(68.1 B)
Food Line Food Serving Line. Mmm, This looks good!
(46 KB)
Let's Eat! Let's Eat!
(42 KB)
1999 CJA Black Belt Conference -- Loma Linda, CA
Group Group picture at RyoKoKodai Kan, where the Conference was hosted.
(65.1 KB)
Sword Arts Kris Reed and Skip West working on Sword Arts.
(45.4 KB)
Disney Group Group picture at Disney Land.
(74.8 KB)
Knife Class Prof. Edwards traps Chris Andrews while doing a Knife Art.
(39.6 KB)
1998 Montana State Championship -- Kalispell, MT
1998 Montana Championship Group Photo Group picture at contest.
(70.2 KB)
Climbing Monkey Art Marcos B. throwing Cory N. a "Climbing Monkey Art"
(49.4 KB)
1998 CJA Summer Camp -- Kalispell, MT
Summer Camp 1998 Group picture of participants and instructors.
(57 KB) ( Larger size -- 97.1 KB)
Standing Bear "Standing Bear" greets all CJA campers with his upraised sword.
(12.8 KB)
Massage Class Marcos Baca, CJA Certified Massage Technician, teaches Okazaki Restorative Massage.
(20.3 KB)
Fireworks Dual plumes of smoke and fire illustrate the camp fireworks display run by Arron Butkovich, Black Belt.
(22.7 KB)
Morning Meditation Early morning prayer and meditation as the sun rises over the Rocky Mountains.
(20.0 KB)
Law Enforcement Class Lt. Skip West, Black Belt, teaches a law enforcement tactics class.
(18.5 KB)
1997 CJA Summer Camp -- Kalispell, MT
Group Group picture of 1997 Summer Camp participants.
(88.8 KB)
High Kick Travis Sienknecht, Black Belt, performing a high side kick combo (notice the top of the 200 foot pine beneath him).
(22.7 KB)
Bokken Form Dan Baca, Black Belt, leads the class in Bokken Katas.
(70.5 KB)
Kendo Travis teaches a class in Kendo.
(64.6 KB)
Shodan class Black Belts in Shodan class practicing Hara Age Ichi Wari.
(44.7 KB)
1996 CJA Summer Camp -- Kalispell, MT
1996 Summer Camp 1996 Summer Camp group photo.
(66.3 KB)
1996 camp tomoe Randy Schauffele goes flying from Tomoe Nage.
(47.8 KB)
1996 camp Marcus B. thrown Dan Baca counters Marcos Baca's punch with a reverse back-carry throw.
(46.8 KB)

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