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Historical Interest Pictures
Event Pictures


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Dojo Pictures

Shin Mei Kan -- Kalispell, MT
(August 1998)
Evening Class Some of the SMK students enjoy an evening class on the lawn.
(16.1 KB)
Trapped After class, Cory demonstrates how to escape from a rear headlock, armbar, and leg breaker.
(17.8 KB)
(September 1998)
Car Wash (Posed) A SMK club car wash to raise money for club activities: posed group!
(28.6 KB)
Car Wash SMK students actually washing a vehicle.
(21.2 KB)
Palouse Jujitsu Institute -- Angwin, CA
PJI Group PJI Group Picture (6/99).
(49.2 KB)
Arm Bar David Hallowell applies an arm bar on Haley Trimmer.
(21 KB)
New Blue Belts The new blue belts (from 4/99).
(40.4 KB)
Spring Hip Throw Josh Davis throws Brian Holland with a Springing-Hip Throw.
(38.7 KB)
In Your Face! David Hallowell gets in Sean Trace's Face.
(24 KB)
Tying the Belt Haley Trimmer ties her brown belt in a knot during her promotion to Shodan.
(24 KB)
Ryo Ko Kodai Kan -- Loma Linda, CA
Group Group shot at the dojo.
(48.6 KB)
Back Massage No one turns down back massages ...
(40.7 KB)
Neck Massage ... and neck massages after class.
(42.3 KB)
Dojo Construction
Dojo Construction 1 (60.0 KB)
Dojo Construction 2 (67.5 KB)
Dojo Construction 3 (45.4 KB)
Dojo Construction 4 (51.2 KB)
Dojo Construction 5 (56.2 KB)
Okazaki Do JuJitsu Club -- United Arab Emirates
OD Group A recent class group picture. Sensei Joseph Cuizon is standing 2nd from left.
(11 KB)
Tomoe Nage Glenn performs a Tomoe Nage on Phol.
(12 KB)
Uki Otoshi Princess Shelly doing an Uki Otoshi.
(16 KB)
Joseph Supervises Joseph supervises the class.
(18 KB)

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