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Yudansha and Mudansha-

Just a reminder on CJA Summer Camp. It is scheduled for July 22nd through July 26th. Plan to arrive on the 20th or 21st in order to get your tent up and get settled in. First come, first served on tent sites. No meals will be provided on these days but there may be some snacks and cold cuts available. You might consider ordering out for a pizza, etc. Black Belt exams, Instructor's Meeting, and BOD meeting are scheduled for the 21st.

Camp will be as extensive as always with about 75+ great classes over the five days. We are still waiting on some lethargic Black Belts for class descriptions, bio, and current picture. Late class requests will result in assignment to teach such famous classes as "Septic Tank Nage". Don't complain! Or as Lora used to say "GET OVER IT!"

Jon Waggonner will be teaching some special classes in Gung Fu San Soo, most of which will be open to all ranks. There will be classes for all rank levels throughout the day, so you will be very busy regardless

Besides a great selection of classes during the day, we will have some special offerings after dinner. We are looking forward to competition again in rifle and pistol marksmanship, along with some competition in shuriken. But don't forget the live entertainment on the stage, campfires, movies (+pie & ice cream), fireworks, etc. And then there is the FOOD!
Good stuff and lots of it! April will be our camp cook again this year and she is looking forward to seeing you all again and meeting some new folk.

Rich "Thumper" Borba will be here and will be teaching a variety of law enforcement type classes (i.e. cuffing, weapons retention, etc.) Rich has an extensive and "colorful" background in law enforcement. You might hear him say something like the following: "Relax; the handcuffs are tight because they're new. They'll stretch out after you wear them awhile." or “Can you run faster than 1200 feet per second? In case you didn't know, that is the average speed of a 9mm bullet fired from my gun." Who says he doesn't have a sense of humor?

Camp costs only $140 per person, which includes all meals, classes, and T-shirt (please indicate your choice on the T-shirt on the camp app.) Each participant MUST be an AAU member ($27) for insurance purposes - the form MUST be signed by a parent for a minor, so get it signed in advance. Our camp is a CJA function. The CJA is a non-profit organization so we charge just what we project our costs to be. None of the instructors are paid. We hire and pay a cook and a cook helper. You will not find a camp as fantastic as ours for the cost, anywhere! If you are planning to fly get reservations now! If you are going to drive, try to get together with others and caravan, splitting the costs. We hope to see you all here. The CJA camp experience provides memories for a lifetime! Don't miss out!

Camp applications and forms are available at your CJA dojo or from CJA Central Office.




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