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CJA Black Belt Seminar 2004 Report

"Thank you" to all of you who attended and made the 2004 BB Seminar the success that it was. They seem to get better every year! Curtis and Melissa Rehling captured the travel award, coming all the way from frigid Brunswick, Maine. Runner ups were Prof. and Lora from Kalispell, Montana; Marcos & Danielle (Kegan & Aden) from Cheyenne, Wyoming; and David & Roseann (Daniel & Matthew) from Napa, California. This year we worked out in the new Christian Martial Arts Academy in downtown Loma Linda run by Todd and Denise. They have done a tremendous job in setting up this new dojo with two major mat areas, office, changing rooms, bathrooms, lunch room/lounge, private parking area, etc. We only completed 3 classes over the three days: Kombo, Shinen, and Shinrai. We started several others (ie Sekkotsu Practicuum, etc.) and totally missed others because we wanted to complete the top three. Chris Andrews had the distinction of being the one to fall asleep during the last portion of the Sekkotsu class while Curtis was "bandaging" him... We had a great Thai dinner on Sat. night, and Leon was our guest. We invited him to be our guest instructor at our CJA Summer Camp and he agreed. For those of you who do not know, Leon has a real exciting martial arts background and as I understand it, he is also the top ranked San Shou Kung Fu master in the U.S. He is every bit the gentleman, and I'm sure you will enjoy meeting and studying with him. Prof. turned the "ripe" age of 61 on the 24th and the gang sang the happy birthday "eulogy" for him after dinner. The Disneyland visit on Monday was great and everyone was bushed after running all over for 10 hours. We got a great picture on Splash Mountain: Marcos dives for cover as his wife Danielle throws her hands in the air. It's OK Marcos we still respect you! We were all a little out of our minds going on this ride after it turned dark and cold - in full knowledge that we could get soaked! Oh, well!

We had our BOD meeting on Friday evening and Denise Driver retired from the Manager of Finance position after two years. She did a great job and we thank her for her service. Then she ran for and was elected to the office of Manager of Records. Thanks to all the officers for their hard work for the CJA and its members. Major items discussed at the meeting included the Presidential Sports Awards, Sensei Certification, Summer Camp, etc.

We will be holding camp early in July this year to attempt to avoid water problems. We will have the exact dates out real soon, but plan on the first or 2nd week of July, or something in between. If you plan to attend then please send a list of classes you would be willing to teach. We need to start setting up the schedule ASAP! In general, first come, first served! So if you delay sending in your class choices, you may be left with something that you don't want - like "Cleaning the Septic Tank Arts". You have been warned!

Special thanks to Todd and Denise for hosting the BB Seminar again this year!

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